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What is Solar PV and how does it work?

What is Solar PV and how does it work?

Solar PV systems capture the energy
from the sun and convert it into
electricity. This electricity is fed
throughout your property. When there
is an excess of electricity being
produced in your property it is fed into
the utility/national grid. This excess
will qualify you for the government's
'Feed-in' tariff and in turn you will
receive an income based on the
number of units your property

For an example of the financial return you could receive click here.

The key benefits

  • Save money on your energy costs
  • A return on your investment
  • Protect against future electricity price increases
  • Reduces overall household carbon emissions
  • Increases value of your property
  • Little or no maintenance
  • The system is noiseless
  • FIT government incentive scheme

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